8-Year-Old Girl's Quick Thinking Helps Her Fend Off Intruder

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A family is left in shock after their home was burglarized and their 8-year-old daughter was beaten. However, if it hadn't been for the girl's quick thinking, things could have ended a lot worse.

Amedah Murillo was home by herself for less than 15 minutes when a stranger approached the house and knocked on the door.

"I had just left, and her sister was already coming, and it happened in less than 15 minutes," Yasmin Murillo, the girl's mother, said. "He knocked and then she hid."

According to Yasmin, the intruder went around the side of the house and broke through the gate, coming in the back sliding door. Amedah immediately grabbed a phone and ran to hide.

"She kind of hid a little bit so he wouldn't see her, and she thought he was gone," said Yasmin.

Unfortunately, the man had not left and seconds later Amedah heard glass smashing. She ran to hide in a bedroom closet and dialed 911. Amedah began whispering to the 911 operator, explaining what was happening.

"I guess the dispatcher noticed she was whispering, but that's because he was already inside the room," Yasmin said.

That's when the intruder found her.

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