Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The First Trailer Is So Spooky

If you weren't excited for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina before, you will be now. The first trailer for the show just dropped and it is spooky. The trailer is giving off major Halloween vibes, but it may also change the way you feel about the Happy Birthday song. One thing is certain after watching this teaser: the Sabrina the Teenage Witch we knew back in the day is gone. The new Sabrina Spellman is here to haunt your nightmares. 

The first season follows Sabrina as she approaches her 16th birthday. While this is a pretty monumental birthday for most teens, Sabrina isn't stressing about who to invite to her Sweet 16. She has to decide whether or not to sign the Devil's book and become a Bride of Satan. Should Sabrina choose to sign, she becomes a full-fledged witch. If she chooses to turn her back on Satan, though, Sabrina is doomed to live a mortal life. NBD, right? It looks like something wicked is definitely coming for Sabrina.


Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka stars as the titular Sabrina and Ross Lynch as her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle. Lynch and Shipka are joined by Miranda Otto, Lucy Davis, Richard Coyle, Chance Perdomo, and Tati Gabrielle. There's going to be a lot of conflict between the characters in the show's inaugural season, but, according to Shipka, all the actors are like family behind the scenes. Well, except for the cats who play Sabrina's feline friend Salem. She's allergic to them.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will arrive on Netflix just in time for Halloween on Friday, Oct. 26. Time to practice your black magic.

Photo: Courtesy of The CW


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